What is Biochemistry?

Chemistry studies the nature of elements, how they react, interact with each other to form compounds, molecules and how these compounds in turn react. Biochemistry is chemistry in all respects but we focus more on (I’d say only on) Biochemicals and their reactions. By the term “Biochemical”, I mean chemicals synthesized by an organism, and chemicals that have an effect on the metabolism of an organism (no matter positive or negative),

A few examples for biochemicals,

  1. Hormones,
  2. Pheromones,
  3. Enzymes.

These biochemicals are all synthesized in a living body and also have an impact on its metabolism. Modern biochemists try to manipulate these biochemicals for the welfare of us, all of us.

A fair amount of an aspiring biochemist’s time is spent in trying to understand the nature of biomolecules,


  1. Carbohydrates – they give us energy to… well, to do things,
  2. Proteins – they play a whole bunch of roles in our bodies ,
  3. Lipids – just a fancy name for fats,
  4. Nucleic Acids – a broad term for DNA, and RNA.

    human body made of molecules doing yoga
    Biomolecules make us…Us.

Biomolecules and their reactions are what make life possible. Proteins and carbohydrates  provide structure to our body. The nucleic acids act as the manual for our cell processes. Proteins read this manual and carry out cell processes using energy from the breakdown of Carbs. So it is kinda important to understand biomolecules and know how they work , in order to understand biological processes. Which is basically what we biochemists do!

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Biotrivia is at the 31st place!!! Long way to go.


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