Corona Virus? COVID-19? SARS CoV2 …?

Hey everybody, How ya doin’? How’s the weather?

It’s been 9 days since the lock down began and I feel its time we too wrote something about …The Virus…

Ever since this pandemic began we have all been hit by an information deluge pouring in from various channels like NEWS articles, blogposts, TV shows, Youtube videos, and most importantly those extremely irritating whatsapp forwards. I noticed that most of them refer to this virus simply, “The Corona Virus”. Also a few of them trying to sound cool, called it the COVID-19.

So what is the actual name of this notorious virus-cum-Jailor, who is forcing us to stay inside our houses and live with a constant threat of death just like the way we force other animals to live? That is the question this article is trying to answer.

The Corona Virus :

This is the term most people use to call this virus. It is not right but is also not entirely wrong. The term corona virus does not refer to a single virus. It refers to a Virus subfamily called the orthocoronavirinae which includes several other corona virus that does not cause us humans any harm. It is like calling someone by their family name. Its acceptable but may lead to confusions when there is no context. So biotrivia advises you not to use this term in a scientific context when referring to our jailor. Instead you might as well use the term Human Corona Virus which is more scientifically sound.

…all behold…”Our Jailor”

What is this Virus actually called ?

The right way to address our jailor is to call it a SARS CoV2. That is the name given to this virus by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Virus, the Intl. authority on naming a Virus.

SARS CoV2 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome related Coronavirus 2.

If you ask what the other virus is, it is the SARS CoV. It caused a major outbreak during 2002-2004 which you all must remember(I certainly don’t I was just 2 at the time).Moving on….


Now what is COVID-19. It certainly can’t be the name of the virus. We just saw it was SARS CoV2. COVID-19 is the name of the disease, the pathological condition caused by the SARS CoV2. COVID-19 ~ COrona VIral Disease-2019.

SARS CoV2 and COVID-19 share the same relationship as HIV and AIDS. A virus and disease pair.

Thank you for reading.

Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay

Follow the Example set by Ma’am Lisa. Take care amidst the Corona scare (i mean SARS CoV2 scare).

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