Mysteries of the Mind

Modern Biology is a vast, interdisciplinary field, composed of many highly specialized disciplines, exploring various aspects of life and characteristics using multifaceted approaches. Among these diverse disciplines, Neurobiology, which has fascinated scientists since centuries, holds a unique place at the intersection of many fields.

The human brain, with its dense network of billions of neurons is like a constant shape-shifter, revising its own circuitry and pathways relentlessly. The uniqueness of each person’s experiences causes their neural networks to differ appreciably. This enormous complexity makes one yearn to delve deeper to explore its intricate mechanisms and workings.

New research methodologies using cutting-edge techniques in Neuroscience are beginning to give us a better understanding of how the brain generates our conscious experiences, how it forges complex networks and consolidates memories and many other astounding findings.

Here we aim to bring some of these mind-bending and intriguing discoveries and ideas to your screens. Gear up for a journey into the expanses of your mind and the workings of the inexplicable three pound machine on your shoulders!

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Into the Unknown

Mind and Machine The Dawn of a New Era

Sukanya Chakraborty and Siddhartha Sen

The Science of Taste

Debolina Datta

The Curse of our Control System

Suchetana Ray Chaudhuri

The Melancholic Mind

Suchetana Ray Chaudhuri and Srijita Bannerjee

Let’s explore together.

“The mind has a mind of its own.”